Frequently Asked Questions

Deepdesk AI

How does it work?

Our AI learns from your historical customer service cases, tickets and conversations. We use AI and deep learning technology that leverages neural networks to understand customer service conversations, no matter how they’re phrased in any language.

Will it update automatically over time?

Based on recurring training we provide automated precise suggestions for agent responses and customer questions with our recommendation engine wherever you prefer. No manual training or refinement needed.

How do I manage suggestions and content?

You are in control of both the given recommendations and follow-up as well as the content shown in all of your channels like chat, e-mail, messaging or voice via our Recommendation Studio.

What systems are supported?

Deepdesk runs on any infrastructure service provider like Microsoft Azure or AWS and can be served on-premise. Integration with services like Dialogflow or Azure Bot Services for dialog orchestration are available out-of-the-box. Regardless the infrastructure, application or toolset, the core AI services are provided by Deepdesk.