Spending millions of dollars on chatbots?

Having trouble reducing your average handling time?

Dealing with repetitive conversations, that cannot be fully automated?

Customer Experience Augmentation

We believe customer service can be so much better, by shifting focus from automation-only to supporting your employees.

We cover the middle ground between full automation (chatbots) and human agents.

Using AI technology to assist human conversation makes your agent more productive and your customer happier.

We’ve switched our approach from automating some conversations fully - with chatbots - to all conversations partly. It’s giving an enormous boost to our customer service.

Robin Clements - COO Vodafone Netherlands

Human-centered AI

Boost customer experience
and save cost at the same time.

Fast, smart and fully human conversations supported by deep learning algorithms.

Faster Agents - up to 50%

Our AI is able to decrease AHT with double digits within weeks, making top agents even 50% faster. And happier.

Lower cost - 15% on average

Our autocomplete and reply suggestions will boost concurrency and result in lower contact center cost.

Appreciative customers

Our AI supports human, personal conversation. Your customers will notice. And they will appreciate it.

What we offer

Our rich feature set assist agents right where they work. With an incredibly easy user experience any agent gets going – even without any training.

Autocomplete & Reply suggestions

Increase typing speed by 50% with the deployment of autocomplete and realtime message suggestions to your contact center.

Personalized Suggestions

We provide unique personalized suggestions specific to your own agents style and your customers history: retaining the personal touch for delighting customers.

Autoflows & Solution suggestions

Solution suggestions are continuously available in realtime during conversations. Agents can invoke autoflows for repetitive questions and answers: decreasing the time-spend per agent.

GDPR compliant
Deployed in 2-4 weeks
Minimal agent training
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Designed for customer care in telecommunications

Our algorithms have been originally designed for customer care in telecommunications. Certain questions are notoriously hard to fully automate without alienating your customer. Think of questions like: 'Can you help me with my failing wifi?' 'I got a new SIM card and it says no service' 'My fixed line has issues for the third time, can you please help me?'

Thanks to years of experience in your industry and our pretrained algorithms, we are able to automatically recognise the topic and provide suggestions to the agent.

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