Meet the new Studio

Faster, smarter, easier.

Recommendation Editors manage all suggestion content that agents use in their conversations. They uphold the quality and tone of voice.

Editors play a crucial role and their impact is large. Helping them with this task has an impact on all agents and all customer interactions.

Designed for a frictionless editing experience

We heard you, and here it is. Completely rebuilt and packed with new features and nifty little tricks.

Smarter auto redactions, with less manual work

Our AI automatically redacts for you. Detecting customer or agent names and other dynamic variables, for live replacement.

Better workflow

The optimized interface enables much(!) faster and consistent editing. With the focus on todos.

Foundation for growth

The flexible and modular new architecture allows for faster development of new features.

7x faster

All your editing activities on one dashboard for efficient workflow.

Focus on quality

Clean overview to easily spot improvements, and focus on todos.

Fresher models

Get through your editing quicker to have your models live asap.

It is the little things

That help you redact faster, more consistent and have the models live as soon as possible.

Inline editting

Directly make your changes and easily apply dynamic variables. Just pick from the list and click.

Update in batch

Quickly select multiple items and update at once. Enable, disable or update language or image.


...and you will find. Combined with batch update and inline editing your suggestions will always be spot on.

A great step for editor-kind

Bringing together what we already had, with all this new stuff, in one unified consistent environment, calls for for a new name. We call it Studio 2.0 ;)


If you want to see your suggestions in action, give our demo app a spin.

Personal Collection

Personal Collection is rebuilt for a consistent user experience. Everything under one roof.


Our tutorial is integrated. For new agents, or those who want to learn more.

Access all profiles

If you manage multiple profiles, you can directly access them from the same account.

Multi language support

Dynamic greetings and other placeholders, in all languages

Agent access

Agents get access to Personal Collection, Tutorial and the Playground.

Stay up to date

Header image by Nitish Goswami on Unsplash