Think Human.

Did you ever have a fulfilling conversation with a chatbot? Exactly.

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Our manifesto:

Corporations have the tendency to see people like machines.

Let’s be straightforward about it: corporations have a tendency to de-humanize the workspace. From the invention of the conveyor belt to the current widely held conviction that large parts of the workforce can and will be replaced by robots.

Up until now, this approach has increased efficiency and lowered business costs. But the price corporations are paying for it is rising

  1. It’s getting harder and harder to attract talented people for positions that can’t be automated.
  2. Machinery or software that is imposed on people without taking their human behavior into account fails to deliver on its promise.
  3. Where client-facing people are replaced by robots, customer experience is faltering.

AI can help to make jobs less tedious by taking care of repetitive tasks. By providing learnings and insights based on data, it can help people do a better job and make better decisions, which leads to more job fulfilment. Especially if all this knowledge is delivered in a seamless, easy to grasp, human friendly way.

Now did you ever have a fulfilling conversation with a chatbot?

That’s why we chose Customer Service as our initial playing field. Our aim is to help improve human conversations, leading to happier agents and customers.

At Deepdesk we’ve embraced a very simple premise: people are not machines, so let’s develop AI technology that doesn’t treat them as such.

Think human.

At Deepdesk we think things through

Coming up with better solutions requires some serious thinking. And that’s what defines our company culture.

We hate technology that hasn’t been thought through. Most CS tech is developed from a technology viewpoint, with only the end customer in mind. At Deepdesk we’re taking human behaviour from customer support agents into consideration too. We’re an AI company that thinks that UX is just as important as AI. 

We believe too many people blindly follow their KPI’s or other performance metrics. We try to make a difference by not simplifying reality too much. Instead, we prefer to embrace complexity and take more variables into the calculation, including the non-measurable ones. This always leads to better solutions.

… but always with a focus on results

Our focus on results makes sure that we’re not endlessly thinking things through. After all, the thinking is ‘just’ a means to our end:

improving customer support conversations while making conversations and CS agent jobs more fulfilling. We deliver on our promises. Always. We’re here to make a difference and we want to get results that ultimately make our clients, agents, and customers happy.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.