Increase customer satisfaction, without the cost.

By implementing Deepdesk, agents stay longer with your company, new agents are brought up to speed much faster, customer waiting time is diminished, and customer satisfaction soars.

Pricing is based on the features you need, usage, and volume.


Our standard features which includes:

  • Autocomplete 
  • Next Best Message 
  • Agent Personalization 
  • Personal Collection 
  • Style Suggestions
  • Pinned Messages 
  • Recommendation Studio 
  • Search
  • Multi model support 
  • The testing Playground 
  • Agent Tutorial 


Everything in the Standard package plus: 

  • Live Translation 
  • Enterprise Search
  • PII Anonymizer
  • Autoflow 
  • Reply Generation (Generative AI)
  • Assisted Intake  
  • Enterprise reporting (Insights API)
  • Chatbot integration / custom & rich messages
  • Enterprise authentication (SSO)
  • RPA, CRM & KB Integrations

What our clients say:

"Deepdesk has analysed over two million chats and e-mails and found logic in all questions and answers. Deepdesk now supports our employees to help our customers faster."

George de Visser
Director Customer Care Ziggo

"Part of our agent population would be extremely unhappy if Deepdesk was no longer available to them. Without Deepdesk, many agents would not be able to successfully handle the same number of chats that they do today."

Ahmed Ahmed
Digital Channel Quality Advisor, Vattenfall

Think Human.

Have you ever had a fulfilling conversation with a chatbot? Exactly. At Deepdesk we’ve embraced a very simple premise: people are not machines, so let’s develop AI technology that doesn’t treat them as such.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.