How Summarizers Make Life Easier for Customer Service Departments

Brian Reijngoud, VP of Sales

Spoiler alert: Summarizers free up agents so they can focus on listening and interacting with the customer. Hence, having more fulfilling conversations. Check out the instances where it helps.

Multichannel Customer Service: Are you Asking the Right Questions?

The very first question is WHY? Why do you want to implement a multichannel approach to your customer support?

5 Challenges Faced by Retail Companies

Daphna Doodeman, Customer Success Manager
Black Friday, end-of-january and summer sales can cause major headaches in the retail sector. Now add in angry customers and multichannel support and you've got yourself an overwhelming customer support job.

Navigating AI Implementation: Addressing the Security Concerns

Brendan Jackson, COO
By now, every company bigger than the bakery around the corner has received an “AI budget”. Great news! Now what?

Top 5 challenges faced by logistics companies

Brian Reijngoud, VP of Sales
From navigating bureaucratic customs regulations to battling all sorts of supply chain disruptions. These hurdles are the daily rhythm in logistics. Now, factor in customer service and the challenge reaches new heights. Let’s explore.

Personalization at Scale: Crafting tailored experiences across digital channels

Daphna Doodeman, Customer Success Manager
How do you merge the individual touch of personalization with the broad reach implied by scale and get something that makes sense?

Predictive support: AI's Crystal Ball for Customer Needs

Keep on reading if you want to know the future

Welcome to the Future of AI for Contact Centers Introducing AI x

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO
The future is here. 

“Garbage In, Gold Out”

Daphna Doodeman, Customer Success Manager
The Untold Power of AI in Sifting Through the Noise

“Garbage In, Garbage Out”

Daphna Doodeman, Customer Success Manager
The Risks of Over-Reliance on AI in Customer Service

This is Just the Beginning for AI…

Brendan Jackson, COO
What’s Next?

Which AI Model Should I Use?

Brendan Jackson, COO
A Comprehensive Guide for Customer Service Professionals

Navigating the World of AI

Desi Lazarova, Performance Marketing
How Your Business Can Level Up Customer Service Satisfaction

Think Human.

Have you ever had a fulfilling conversation with a chatbot? Exactly.
At Deepdesk we’ve embraced a very simple premise: people are not machines, so let’s develop AI technology that doesn’t treat them
as such.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.