Deepdesk and Google Cloud customer story

Brendan Jackson

Deepdesk and Google Cloud: changing the CX landscape

VodafoneZiggo and their “super smart support”

It’s easy for us to talk about how Deepdesk’s AI technology can help make the jobs of customer service agents and advisors easier, while at the same time enabling them to have more meaningful conversations with their customers. 

Why Customer Service Agents are Vital for Your Business

Brian Reijngoud, Sales Director
What makes companies like Zappos, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Disney, Virgin Atlantic, and Coolblue great? Of course, their products and their branding. But what distinguishes them from the competition is their customer service. To be more specific: those companies value their customer service agents. But what makes customer service agents so important?

Hyperautomation and Agent Flow: How to Overcome the Doorway Effect

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
Customer service agents are mentally overloaded because of all their open tabs. The constant switching between them makes it hard for them to pay attention to the customer. Only by giving them intuitive interfaces can we help them focus. This will boost concurrency and customer satisfaction.

Hyperautomation in Customer Service: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
Remember Tom Cruise in Minority Report? On a big screen, all the information about the future murder is displayed. His job is to make sense of it, enlarging or reducing pictures, conjuring up contact details and other personal information, dragging in or discarding elements with a wave of his hands. He is under pressure. The clock is ticking. Now imagine customer service agents behind that screen.

Using Chatbots with the Right Intention

Brian Reijngoud, Sales Director
Chatbots are great tools, but why are you using them? Don’t try to save money or quickly solve your staffing problems with chatbots. Instead, do it all for your customer and use chatbots for the right purpose. And don't forget your agents.

Becoming Strategic or Becoming Extinct: Insights From the NTT 2021 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
The pandemic boosted digitization, but most organizations were not at all prepared for how the pandemic would impact them. So, they acted, but not strategically. It is about time to rethink your digital customer service. Otherwise, the next wave of hyper-automation may become your extinction event, according to the NTT 2021 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report. Here is my take on the report and a critical remark.

Intention, technology, and people: the way to excellent customer service

Martijn Horsman
Many organizations struggle with their customer service, facing rising costs and unsatisfied customers. But with the right intention, the right technology, and the right people, you can change things around.

Twilio State of Customer Engagement Report 2021

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
The COVID-19 crisis forced enterprises worldwide to speed up the digitization of their customer service. And there is no going back. On the contrary, companies will only increase their investment in digital channels, live chat in particular, says the Twilio State of Customer Engagement Report 2021. At Deepdesk, we are wondering how companies will manage this transition.

How To Make Agents Happy And Productive. Our Four Suggestions.

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
What if automation would make the lives of your employees easier and better? Wouldn’t that be great? So, why is the opposite often the case? Automation makes employees unhappy, frustrated even. That is bad for them, bad for your customer, and bad for your business. Here are our four suggestions for a better approach.

Automation and Agent Happiness

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
Happy employees are essential for a satisfying customer experience. But where employee happiness matters most, it is the lowest: at contact centers. Among the many factors that cause agents to be unhappy, one aspect is often overlooked: automation.

The Impact of Automation on Customer Churn

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
Customer experience: everybody is talking about it these days, and, to be honest, investing in it. But many customers are becoming less satisfied with service, not more. We guess that automation is messing things up. Here is how.

3 Reasons to Rethink Your Approach to Automation of Customer Service

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO Deepdesk
High cost is an issue in customer service. Is automation the answer? If it were only that simple. Automation of customer service is promising. But only intelligent deployment of automation will help you achieve both employee and customer happiness.

Think Human.

Have you ever had a fulfilling conversation with a chatbot? Exactly.
At Deepdesk we’ve embraced a very simple premise: people are not machines, so let’s develop AI technology that doesn’t treat them
as such.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.