Twilio State of Customer Engagement Report 2021

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO
The COVID-19 crisis forced enterprises worldwide to speed up the digitization of their customer service. And there is no going back. On the contrary, companies will only increase their investment in digital channels, live chat in particular, says the Twilio State of Customer Engagement Report 2021. At Deepdesk, we are wondering how companies will manage this transition.

How To Make Agents Happy And Productive. Our Four Suggestions.

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO
What if automation would make the lives of your employees easier and better? Wouldn’t that be great? So, why is the opposite often the case? Automation makes employees unhappy, frustrated even. That is bad for them, bad for your customer, and bad for your business. Here are our four suggestions for a better approach.

Automation and Agent Happiness

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO
Happy employees are essential for a satisfying customer experience. But where employee happiness matters most, it is the lowest: at contact centers. Among the many factors that cause agents to be unhappy, one aspect is often overlooked: automation.

The Impact of Automation on Customer Churn

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO
Customer experience: everybody is talking about it these days, and, to be honest, investing in it. But many customers are becoming less satisfied with service, not more. We guess that automation is messing things up. Here is how.

3 Reasons to Rethink Your Approach to Automation of Customer Service

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO
High cost is an issue in customer service. Is automation the answer? If it were only that simple. Automation of customer service is promising. But only intelligent deployment of automation will help you achieve both employee and customer happiness.

Personal Collection: The Surprising Results of a Small Adaptation

Martijn Horsman
Deepdesk AI helps contact center agents to write faster and easier. We try to improve our AI solution every day. However, we didn't know that adding a small new feature would mean so much for contact center agents.

Holding on to the Steering Wheel: Augmenting Customer Experience

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO
Imagine you are in a car driving at 90 miles per hour. You're behind the steering wheel, but you are not paying attention. You even doze off for a moment... and that's perfectly fine...

GPT-2 and Customer Service - Promising Results

Martijn Horsman
GPT, the AI text generator, has captured the imagination of many, supposedly even being able to write novels. Cool as that sounds, it is designed for and much better with smaller text pieces. So, could we use GPT for customer service? The first results are promising.

How We Proved Deepdesk Saves 15% in Costs (and How Hard That Was)

Martijn Horsman
Deepdesk saves contact center agents about 20% characters typed. This is easy to measure. But contact centers care most about Average Handling Time (AHT). Measuring the effect Deepdesk has on AHT turned out to be harder than we thought. We found a way to do it.

Deepdesk Agent Assist AI Gets 7/10

Martijn Horsman
Most contact center agents are happy with Deepdesk, research shows. It makes them type faster and takes away redundant tasks. But agents could benefit from tutorials and ongoing training. And they had a surprising request.

Think Human.

Have you ever had a fulfilling conversation with a chatbot? Exactly.
At Deepdesk we’ve embraced a very simple premise: people are not machines, so let’s develop AI technology that doesn’t treat them
as such.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.