Deepdesk and Google Cloud

Deepdesk and Google Cloud: changing the CX landscape

At Deepdesk, we have used AI to reimagine how organizations handle customer interactions. And through our partnership with Google Cloud, we are able to enable customer support agents with our AI assist technology which increases agent happiness by reducing the number of repetitive tasks they have to do every day. This results in more meaningful conversations and happier customers.

One of the things that makes all this possible is our partnership with Google Cloud, which enables us to provide our customers with seamless service delivery and scale at will.

So when Google Cloud asked to collaborate with us on a story about the success of our partnership, we jumped at the opportunity. Hear it from Google to discover how we have reshaped the customer support landscape by leveraging Google Cloud's advanced technology.

If you are interested in learning more about our technology, send us an email or talk to us via our website chat. 

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.