VodafoneZiggo and their “super smart support”

VodafoneZiggo and their “super smart support”

It’s easy for us to talk about how Deepdesk’s AI technology can help make the jobs of customer service agents and advisors easier, while at the same time enabling them to have more meaningful conversations with their customers. We know that suggesting to an agent or advisor the best possible answer to a question asked in a digital chat or message saves them time and also ensures their customer gets the best possible level of service.

But it always sounds best when one of our Deepdesk customers, VodafoneZiggo, who uses our AI autocomplete technology every day, publishes an article that talks about using our predictive AI technology to lead a digital transformation within their digital customer support team.

Head over to the VodafoneZiggo site and check out the article: “Chatting with super smart support.” You can also read a nice excerpt below from Jasper Schotanus, Digital Service Manager, and one of the leaders of VodafoneZiggo’s customer contact centers digital transformation:

“This program is an innovative AI application that we have adapted to chat and messaging over the past few years in collaboration with a software supplier, working from scratch. Our goal is not for the computer to completely take over our advisors’ work. On the contrary, the intention is that our software will enable them to do their work even better so that they can focus more on important interactions and on finding solutions quickly.”

At Deepdesk we believe that AI technology is here to help people do their jobs better, not to replace them. VodafoneZiggo believes it too.

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