How Summarizers Make Life Easier for Customer Service Departments

Brian Reijngoud, VP of Sales

Spoiler alert: Summarizers free up agents so they can focus on listening and interacting with the customer. Hence, having more fulfilling conversations. Check out the instances where it helps.

Just because a task is thankless and time consuming doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Take call summaries as an example. They are vital for customer service teams. Why? Because they provide actionable insights to help resolve customer issues and keep agents up to speed in an ongoing case. However, they’re also a pain to write. Agents who are being evaluated on call and resolution numbers will be quick to skip this important follow-up step. Can you really judge them? Surely, the human species was not created to write 50 summaries of customer interactions per day.

Luckily, AI summarizer tools are here working in real-time to take these thankless but important tasks off agents’ hands.

Summarizer, a Powerful Multichannel Tool

AI summarizers distill information into concise, easily digestible formats, preserving the key details. It works across channels, empowering a seamless experience for agents and customers alike. Here is where it can help:

1. Summarizing Voice Conversations

This is probably one of the most awaited applications of summarizing tools. A summarizer condenses a 30-minute call into a brief overview of key concerns and solutions, enabling efficient follow-up without reviewing the entire call recording.

Live speech-to-text transcripts deliver substantial time savings. Indirectly, this also helps improve the quality of interaction. Finally, agents can focus on the conversation and the customer without having to jot down notes. The summary is usually ready as soon as the caller hangs up–the time when an agent would have started writing up a manual summary.

The cool part is that summaries can be standardized, greatly benefiting data analysis. Simplifying yet another thankless task of somebody else at the company. Win win.

2. Summarizing Digital Conversations

Agents receive a coherent summary of a customer's issue from a third-party chat platform, facilitating a tailored and efficient response through any channel. Summarizer features work across third-party chat platforms, like Messenger and WhatsApp. Agents can manage multiple chats simultaneously and handle the same case across channels without confusion, significantly reducing wrap-up time.

3. Warm Handover Summaries

Concise summaries of ongoing issues ensure seamless service continuity during agent transitions.

Transferring conversations from one agent to another is often time-consuming and error-prone. Therefore, having concise summaries ensures smooth and accurate handovers. Customers don’t have to repeat their reason for calling with each new agent–a time and frustration saving on both ends of the conversation.

4. Chatbot Handover

We all know chatbots cannot do a person’s job fully. But they are often useful for initial self-service. If an issue cannot be resolved, it ends up with the agents. Transferring customers from a chatbot to a human agent can be frustrating. The customer will often have to repeat their reason for contacting support. To prevent yet another frustration in the process, summaries from chatbot interactions provide agents with immediate context, streamlining the resolution process.

An agent equipped with an AI-generated summary of the chatbot interaction that preceded their interaction will have all the info they need to pick up where the bot left off.

Seamless Integration

The best part is that AI enables all this summarizing to happen automatically in the background. Summarizer integrates seamlessly into your existing support tech stack to do work your team would have to do anyway. The result is smoother, more efficient interactions for a more satisfying experience on both sides of the interaction. Agents can use the time and energy they would have spent summarizing, providing a more personalized, human level of service. AI automates the thankless so agents can focus on the complex.

How Deepdesk Can Assist

For organizations looking to navigate the integration of AI in customer service, Deepdesk offers specialized expertise in Agent Assist technology. Our focus is on aiding, not replacing, human agents by providing tools that enhance their capabilities.

If you're interested in exploring how summarizers can benefit your customer service department or wish to delve deeper into AI's potential, Deepdesk is here to guide you. Our solutions are designed to ensure a seamless transition to AI-enhanced operations, promising a future where agents and customers experience the best of both worlds.

Happy agents, better conversations

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