Are You Really Going to Summarize All Those Chats?

Daphna Doodeman, Customer Success Manager

Let AI do it instead.

Summarizing chats and calls is an important but tedious customer service task.

At an average of 2-4 minutes to summarize each interaction, this time-consuming work is often at odds with the efficiency metrics agents are judged by. So, summaries are often incomplete or not done at all. This is a problem for agents, stakeholders, and customers alike.

But AI can help by providing accurate summaries, in a CRM-friendly format, in one click.

The dilemma of time vs. efficiency

While customer service satisfaction remains paramount, agents often find themselves walking a tightrope. The need to maintain a high volume of customer interactions and ensure their average handling time (AHT) is in line with the goals set by their managers often conflicts with the demand for accurate call summaries. And here's the catch: without precise summaries, the very essence of customer service—providing consistent and personalized assistance—is compromised.

Embracing the power of AI for enhanced customer service

AI summarizer tools detect when a conversation is nearing its end and jumps into action, creating a concise, accurate summary in seconds.

Conversation intelligence: the new gold standard for contact centers

But what is real-time artificial intelligence? And how does conversation intelligence for contact centers transform the way businesses operate? In essence, real-time AI, underpinned by a robust machine learning model, analyses live conversations, extracting key insights that drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. This not only aids agents in their immediate tasks but also contributes to broader workflow automation within the contact center.

Training digital agents and adapting to new services

With Deepdesk's AI capabilities, even a new "digital" agent can swiftly become an effective contributor. No longer do they need exhaustive training before interacting with customers. The AI suggests responses, enabling agents to learn on the job, enhancing their efficiency and confidence.

Moreover, when a company rolls out new products or services, Deepdesk's AI shines. Imagine a new cell phone plan introduction. Managers can input expected questions (like, "How is this better than plan x?") and their appropriate answers. The AI, harnessing its conversational intelligence, recognizes these queries and provides ready answers, ensuring agents are always a step ahead.

We built Deepdesk to harness the power of human agents augmented by AI. Our advanced customer service software is designed to ensure the perfect balance between AI efficiency and human touch, paving the way for happier agents and satisfied customers. Discover how Deepdesk can transform your contact center today.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.