Driving Operational Excellence: The Impact of AI on Average Handling Time Reduction

Daphna Doodeman, Customer Success Manager

For many businesses, average handling time (AHT) is a vital metric for quantifying customer service satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to significantly impact AHT, leading to more efficient and streamlined operations in contact centers.

In this post, we explore how AI-powered solutions, like Agent Assist, can lead to reductions in average handling time, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

How AI impacts average handling time

Typically, customer service agents spend a significant amount of time handling repetitive tasks or searching for relevant information. Many agents will tell you, it feels like that’s all they do.

AI streamlines this process, automating routine tasks and providing real-time assistance to agents.

Through AI, agents receive relevant information and suggested actions right when they need them. Consequently, AI helps cut down the time spent on each customer interaction, reducing AHT and freeing up agents to handle more inquiries and concurrent conversations

Role of machine learning models

In the world of AI, machine learning models (MLM’s) act as the bedrock. These models are trained to learn from past and current interactions and progressively become more efficient.

By predicting customer queries and providing instantaneous responses, machine learning models can drastically reduce average handling time.

Generative AI and real-time assistance

Generative AI is another tool that significantly affects AHT. Unlike traditional chatbots that rely on pre-set responses, generative AI can produce responses in real-time, mimicking human-like interaction. This swift and tailored interaction leads to faster resolution of customer queries, driving down AHT.

AI-powered workflow automation

Workflow automation is yet another key component of AI that aids in reducing AHT. By automating routine tasks, AI helps agents focus more on complex issues, reducing the time they spend on each call, chat, or email.

Furthermore, with AI providing real-time recommendations, decision-making becomes quicker, reducing handling time further.

A more efficient contact center with AI

Reducing average handling time is a critical component of driving operational excellence in contact centers. AI is the key to achieving this. With solutions like Agent Assist, AI provides real-time support to agents, making them more efficient, leading to happy agents and improved customer service satisfaction.

At Deepdesk, we leverage AI's transformative power to offer solutions that enhance contact center operations. With our AI-powered solutions, expect a significant impact on your AHT and an overall boost in your operational efficiency. Experience the future of contact centers with Deepdesk, and drive your business towards unprecedented customer service satisfaction.

Happy agents, better conversations

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