“Garbage In, Gold Out”

Daphna Doodeman, Customer Success Manager

The Untold Power of AI in Sifting Through the Noise

In our last post on the principle "garbage in, garbage out", we touched upon the limitations of AI and its dependency on quality input data.

But what if we told you there was an exception to this rule? That's right—AI has evolved to the point where it can sift through what appears to be disorganized, scattered data to find valuable information.

This ability can be a game-changer for customer service professionals who are inundated with ever-expanding databases and customer queries. Let’s explore this phenomena, you might call "garbage in, gold out."

“What do you mean garbage?”

In large organizations, content created by different teams is hosted all over the place on different platforms that are not interconnected. It gets messy.

An agent may have 20 different tabs open to all the different knowledge bases, FAQ's, internal sites, etc. To find answers, they need to go where they think the info lives.

This is super inefficient for even the most senior agent, but imagine what it is like for a new hire?

These large organizations often try to solve for this issue by undertaking huge projects to centralize all their information. But that rarely goes well.

Even if you get all the info your agents need in one, well organized system, keeping that system organized can become a fulltime job.

Now, imagine you had a tool that could browse through your sprawling knowledge base, sift out the irrelevant content, and provide your agents with precisely what they need…

The exception to the rule: Knowledge Assist

Enter Deepdesk's Knowledge Assist, an AI-driven feature that can dig through mountains of data to find the gold—high-quality, relevant information. While it's essential for the databases being queried to be up-to-date, they don't need to be perfectly organized.

AI can connect the dots, bringing together disparate pieces of information from across your organization.

What is real-time artificial intelligence?

In the context of Knowledge Assist, real-time artificial intelligence means the system is continually analyzing and searching through data as agents interact with customers. This real-time operation ensures that agents have the most pertinent information at their fingertips, boosting customer service satisfaction rates.

What is a machine learning model?

Machine learning models are the backbone of AI systems like Knowledge Assist. They learn from data to predict outcomes and make decisions. In this case, they're trained to understand which pieces of information will be most helpful in different customer service scenarios, thereby making the "garbage in, gold out" phenomenon possible.

What is agent assist?

Agent Assist encompasses a suite of AI tools tailored for customer service agents. It offers features ranging from real-time response suggestions to in-depth conversation intelligence. Knowledge Assist is a powerful addition to the Agent Assist toolbox, capable of rapidly filtering through data to supply agents with the information they need when they need it.

Benefits for new digital agents

For new "digital" agents, who often use chat, email, or messenger channels, tools like Knowledge Assist are invaluable. These agents can become effective contributors much more quickly because AI helps them navigate the organization's knowledge landscape. They don’t need to know everything before interacting with customers, as AI will guide them through the process, helping them learn on the job.

The power of AI in rolling out new products or services

When a new product or service hits the market, AI tools can be quickly updated to include relevant information. For example, if a new cell phone plan is launching, a list of FAQs and answers can be created and integrated into the system. The AI then recognizes these questions in real-time and provides agents with accurate, up-to-date information, making for smoother customer interactions.

Conversation intelligence for contact centers

Knowledge Assist works seamlessly with conversation intelligence tools to offer a comprehensive overview of customer interactions. While conversation intelligence focuses on analyzing and improving the quality of conversations, Knowledge Assist ensures that the data agents need is readily available, thereby enriching those conversations and ultimately leading to better customer service outcomes.

The bottom line: Time and quality

At the end of the day, Knowledge Assist saves agents time and reduces the need for manual data management, resulting in better customer service satisfaction. While AI can indeed turn "garbage" data into "gold," it’s crucial to maintain a high standard for the databases being queried. This dual approach of AI-powered tools and quality control practices can elevate your customer service to new heights

Happy agents, better conversations

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