Which AI Model Should I Use?

Brendan Jackson, COO

A Comprehensive Guide for Customer Service Professionals

Deciding which AI model to use can be overwhelming for businesses, especially with the surge in new and rapidly evolving technology.

The choices are abundant.

But how do you pick the right one for your organization?

In this blog post, we'll dive into the key considerations such as core governance, cost, features, and more to guide you in making an informed decision.

Why Chat GPT is gaining traction

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models have seen rapid adoption in industries that have traditionally been slower to digitize. Their versatility in understanding and generating human-like text makes them ideal for various customer service applications, including real-time response suggestions.

Core governance: Why it matters

Core governance refers to how well the AI model aligns with your organization’s privacy policies, data management practices, and compliance requirements.

It's crucial to choose a model that respects data privacy and is transparent about how it uses and stores data.

Deepdesk, for example, adheres to robust governance standards (i.e ISO 27001 relating information security and GDPR compliance) to ensure that the data it handles is secure and compliant with industry regulations and government laws.

Cost: Budgeting for AI

While AI can offer immense benefits, it also comes with costs. These can range from licensing fees for proprietary models to costs associated with implementing and maintaining the system. When evaluating cost, also consider the potential ROI.

Tools that offer features like Agent Assist and conversation intelligence can pay for themselves through increased efficiency and improved customer service satisfaction. Like any SAAS tool, weighing these costs is a key part of the decision making.

Features: One size doesn't fit all

When evaluating features, consider your specific needs:

  • Do you need real-time artificial intelligence for immediate decision-making?

  • Are you looking for advanced conversation intelligence for contact centers?

  • Or perhaps workflow automation to ease manual tasks for agents?

Choose a model that best addresses the unique challenges your customer service team faces.

Big question: What do you need your AI model to know?

At the end of the day, an AI model is only as good as its inputs. So, consider what you need your model to know.

Are you looking for general knowledge or specific answers based on your company’s data and knowledge base?

How to Choose: The decision-making matrix

Given the array of choices, you may find it useful to create a decision-making matrix that factors in core governance, cost, and features.

Rank each model you're considering based on how well they meet these criteria to give you a clearer picture of what suits your organization best.

The DIY approach vs. specialized solutions

While a DIY approach using open-source models may seem cost-effective, it comes with the challenges of data management, governance, and possibly a steep learning curve.

On the other hand, specialized solutions like Deepdesk are designed to address these concerns, offering a ready-to-use, governance-compliant model.

Deepdesk's multi-model approach

At Deepdesk, we understand that one model can't meet all needs. That's why we use our specialized model for reply suggestions and employ other models for tasks like data analytics and workflow automation.

This multi-model approach allows us to provide a comprehensive solution that addresses various facets of customer service.

We also allow you to bring your own model and can plug into any other model of your choice. This provides maximum flexibility and accessibility for whatever model you choose.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right AI model for your customer service needs is a multifaceted decision. Consider core governance, cost, and features, and evaluate whether a DIY approach or a specialized solution like Deepdesk would best serve your needs.

Regardless of what you choose, keep in mind that the landscape of AI is ever-evolving, and staying adaptable is key to long-term success.

Happy agents, better conversations

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