Knab: Fulfilling the promise of a customer centric bank

Using Deepdesk, Knab increased agent happiness delighted customers through personalized service and more meaningful conversations. 

The challenge

Knab, a Dutch bank known for it's customer centric approach, is always on the lookout for ways to improve their service. One way was to further support their customer service agents with technology that leads to more meaningful customer interactions, improves their overall well-being, and enables them to be more productive.

For Knab the challenge was to do this while making use of AI, and particularly automated suggestions, without the interactions becoming impersonal, and all within their Tracebuzz, their CRM. Knab prides themselves on the meaningful conversations and connections their agents have with customers, and see their agents' unique personalities and tone of voice as a key to their overall success.

The solution

Based on Knab’s key requirements for choosing a new technology: continuing to delight customers, keeping their agents happy, and the ability to easily integrate with Tracebuzz, choosing Deepdesk was an easy decision. In order to ensure their agents would like Deepdesk and would enjoy using it, they started their pilot with a small group of agents. Within weeks of using Deepdesk and with overwhelmingly positive feedback, Deepdesk was quickly made available to all agents. 

To maintain individuality and personal freedom of their agents, the Personal Collection feature was the first to be rolled out. Most agents have a collection of their favorite messages that they copy and paste into their conversations, and the Personal Collection enables agents to create and add their own frequently used content, allowing for quick access and recommendations in one, integrated view. This was quickly adopted and highly praised by the agents as it was considered highly intuitive and immediately made their agents' lives easier.

The result

Deepdesk’s AI Agent Assist made Knab’s agents happier, more productive, and enabled them to have more meaningful conversations, while maintaining Knab’s core value of offering personalized service to all their customers.

New Knab agents are also able to be become productive faster with Deepdesk. Knab now has a term for all agents who joined after the implementation of Deepdesk: “The Deepdesk Generation.” Having content available to use that has already been reviewed and approved by a senior agent greatly increases a new agent’s independence and confidence in their work.

Knab's results


Agent text automated

25 million

Characters generated in 2022


of agents generate 25% of their messages

What Knab says about Deepdesk

"Deepdesk provided us with the technology and support we needed to allow us to quickly move forward with the confidence that our agents would be able to use AI generated responses and still provide personalized support."

Lonneke Van Den Ende

Shift leader Digital Services, Knab

“As part of my onboarding I was introduced to Deepdesk, what it does and how it works. From the start I found Deepdesk to be extremely intuitive and it allowed me to reply faster. I made sure to always carefully read through the suggestions before sending them, so I was also learning while responding to customers.”

New agent


Want to learn more?

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Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.