Vattenfall: Enabling agents with the tools for success

From voice to chat: using Deepdesk, Vattenfall made the digital channel shift an unexpected success.

The challenge

Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest energy producers and retailers, saw their already high costs for customer service continuing to rise. Within their Netherlands operations, they made a bold strategic decision to rapidly shift their main customer service channel from voice to chat via WhatsApp. 

In deciding to make a rapid shift in customer support channels from voice to chat, Vattenfall faced a few key challenges:

• Reducing costs while making the shift from voice to chat
• Maintaining customer satisfaction levels
• Keeping agents happy

The solution

Using Deepdesk’s AI-powered Agent Assist, Vattenfall was able to provide their agents with real-time, personalized suggestions to answer customer questions, reducing the amount of time it took for agents to provide answers to customers, increasing the quality and consistency of answers, and being able to handle more conversations concurrently.

Additionally, using Deepdesk’s Pinned Messages feature,
agents were able to quickly access temporary
messages or commonly used messages to answer customer questions during particularly busy times. This included things like service outages or rate changes, when many customers were asking the same question. 

The result

Vattenfall exceeded all its expectations, rapidly shifting from voice to text while boosting concurrency, and improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Specifically, they managed to increase the share of customer service via WhatsApp from 10% to 50% in just one year; a 500% increase in a relatively short period.

Additionally, with the Agent Assist keeping track of the different conversations and suggesting answers, the agents could have more conversations simultaneously. As a result, Vattenfall increased the average chat per hour by two, from eight to ten per hour.

Finally, using Deepdesk, Vattenfall delivered on its ‘always well-helped’ warranty and managed to increase their Net Promoter Score, scoring a +40 in 2021.

Vattenfall's results


Net Promoter Score in 2021


Increase in average chats per agent per hour


increase of inquires via WhatsApp

What Vattenfall says about Deepdesk

"Part of our agent population would be extremely unhappy if Deepdesk was no longer available to them. Without Deepdesk, many agents would not be able to successfully handle the same number of chats that they do today."

Ahmed Ahmed

Digital Channel Quality Advisor, Vattenfall

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Happy agents, better conversations

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