Predictive support: AI's Crystal Ball for Customer Needs


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Predicting the future has never been an exact science. But what if businesses had a better way to address customer issues before they escalate?

The era of reactive support is evolving into proactive, predictive assistance, and it's all thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence.

With AI's capability to analyze patterns and anticipate customer needs, support teams are now equipped with the next best thing to a crystal ball. With these insights, it’s easier than ever for agents to deliver outstanding support.

Predictive AI for deep insights

Predictive support, powered by AI, is all about leveraging data-driven insights to forecast potential problems, allowing businesses to intervene proactively.

By analyzing historical data, customer behaviors, contact summaries, and interaction trends, AI can highlight patterns that may indicate recurring issues. These insights can be vital for product and design teams.

The power of Deepdesk's AI x features

Deepdesk recently introduced two exciting new features: Summarizer and Knowledge Assist. These tools are not just enhancements; this is the next generation of predictive support.

1. Summarizer:

Summarizer allows agents to automatically create summaries of their digital or voice chats at the push of a button, or in the case of a voice call, automatically when the call is ended. Utilizing Generative AI models, an entire conversation is summarized into a format that an agent can then use to add as a “note” into the record of that customer.

Until now, writing up summaries has been an important but thankless task agents were expected to complete after every customer contact. These summaries often don’t get done or are incomplete–a bad outcome for agents, managers, and customers alike. Even when summaries do get done, they are often written differently depending on the agent who's doing it. Format varies, style varies. This lack of uniformity can cause problems later when those summaries are called upon for support context.

Adhering to strict formatting and style guidelines is something AI does much better than humans. By automating this task, Summarizer empowers agents to focus on more customer-centric tasks, supported with the info they need from previous contacts. To make this info easily searchable, Summarizer includes “tagged” keywords to categorize different types of conversations and reports.

2. Knowledge Assist:

Knowledge is power, especially in customer support.

Knowledge Assist serves as an agent's intelligent companion, We ensure support agents receive the right answer for any customer inquiry in real-time. The best part is that it doesn’t need to be perfectly organized. Our GenAI technology will connect the dots and produce a concise statement presenting the agent with a ready-to-use answer exactly where they need it - in their CRM environment. With the help of Knowledge Assist, agents automatically receive solutions based on the content of their conversation. Agents can also simply enter a question into the search bar and receive an instantaneous response. The result: better customer experience, and happier, more confident agents.

Insight-based training

Knowledge Assist is invaluable in training new agents. By providing them with a wealth of information right at their fingertips, they can address customer concerns efficiently, even if they're still familiarizing themselves with the product or service.

The ripple effect of predictive support

When businesses can anticipate issues, the benefits are manifold:

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers no longer need to experience a problem to get it addressed. Predictive support means businesses can rectify issues even before they're evident to the customer.

  • Operational Efficiency: Proactively tackling potential concerns reduces the volume of escalated issues, ensuring smoother operations and freeing up resources.

  • Strengthened Brand Loyalty: When customers realize that a brand is consistently ahead of the curve, anticipating and addressing their needs, their trust and loyalty to the brand solidify.

The future is bright with predictive support

Predictive support, powered by AI, is reshaping the customer service landscape. It's no longer about just addressing concerns but anticipating and preventing them.

With tools like Deepdesk's Summarizer and Knowledge Assist, businesses are equipped with a crystal ball, ensuring they're always ahead, always ready, and always focused on delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

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