Deepdesk Agent Assist AI Gets 7/10

Martijn Horsman

Most contact center agents are happy with Deepdesk, research shows. It makes them type faster and takes away redundant tasks. But agents could benefit from tutorials and ongoing training. And they had a surprising request.

Helping contact center agents?

At Deepdesk we claim to help agents at contact centers to be more effective when chatting with customers. So, does the agent indeed feel being helped? Is Deepdesk AI a piece of automation that actually makes agents happy? To gain more insight, we launched a survey among agents working at two of our customers. The survey was completed by no fewer than 100 agents.

Nearly 70% of agents rated Deepdesk with a 7/10 or higher. The ease of use gets a 7.3, and the speed a 7. This is pretty high already. We started from scratch, only two years ago. 18% of agents give us a 5 or lower. We have some room for improvement here. More on this below.

Growth in the amount of Assisted Text

This appreciation is also reflected in the use of Deepdesk. We measure which part of all your text has been typed, and which part has been completed by Deepdesk. We call the latter Assisted Text.

Check here for more information about Assisted Text and its proven impact on Average Handling time.

For one customer, the percentage of Assisted Text has grown from 4.4% to more than 11% in only seven months, peaking to even more than 16% in the last couple of weeks. For another customer, the figures have always been a bit higher, with some weeks an Assisted Text percentage above 20% and even days when almost a quarter is Assisted Text.

Typing less makes agents happy

What agents especially like about Deepdesk is that they don’t have to keep typing the same thing all the time, say 84 of the respondents. Deepdesk autocomplete also radically decreases the number of typos, something that almost a quarter of the respondents highly appreciated. For reference, an average agent deletes 15% of his written text. There's already great value in reducing typos.

Faster? More than 60% say yes.

Asked if they think Deepdesk speeds up conversations with customers, over 60% say they do. And only a small percentage (less than 9%) doesn’t think so. 

Agents say Deepdesk makes them work faster

Those subjective answers are supported by our data. On average, agents type twice as fast while using Deepdesk autocomplete and reply suggestions. 

The need for tutorials and ongoing training

However, a pretty large group doesn't feel comfortable using Deepdesk yet, giving us a low rating overall (see above) or reporting not to be faster using Deepdesk. We need to help them. We are rapidly evolving in terms of our own customer care, by creating smooth tutorials and improvements based on agent recommendations. We asked the agents what they need from us:

Personalization and AI

Our AI suggests the best answers from over a million conversations. However, the best answer in general might not always be the best answer in particular circumstances. We strongly believe in the added value of the human agent. So, the personalization of suggestions is a big thing for us. It turned out to be a big thing for the agents as well. Right now, we are working on adapting our algorithms and adding new features to make autocomplete and reply suggestions even more personal.

Update: we have taken on this challenge, with great results. By adding a feature called Personal Collection we saw the use of Deepdesk grow significantly.

Want to save on redundant tasks without the disadvantage of chatbots? Check out our features or get in touch with us.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.