Welcome to the Future of AI for Contact Centers Introducing AI x

Robbert Dijkstra, CEO

The future is here. 

Introducing the next generation of AI for contact centers: Deepdesk AIx. Designed to empower agents and delight customers, Deepdesk AIx solves major customer service challenges.

We’ve made an exciting range of new features available across chat, email, or voice. A true omnichannel AI solution.

With the addition of Deepdesk’s “bring your own model” option, businesses can use the LLM or AI model of their choice. Unlike many AI solutions currently crowding the market, the “bring your own model” framework is future-proof and scalable by design.

Deepdesk is not new at providing AI solutions to contact centers. Since 2019 we have been enabling digital chat agents at DHL, Rabobank, Vodafone, Ziggo, and others with our AI Agent Assist technology.

Every day we provide thousands of agents across a wide range of industries the answers and resources they need to help provide the best possible service to delight their customers. In short, we provide the best possible answers to agents in real-time, every time.

We believe that AI is not here to replace people but to help them.

Deepdesk’s roots are in providing contact center agents working in digital channels with the real-time answers and resources to answer any customers questions. We provide these answers by training a custom LLM (Large Language Model) using our customers own chat history, and continually update it based on every new conversation.

The result is that when a customer asks an agent using Deepdesk a question, the agent is presented with multiple options and resources to answer that question which they can immediately provide.

Agents save time typing out answers (and don’t have to type the same answers to the same question 100 times a day), customers always get the best possible answer to their questions, and everyone wins.

So when ChatGPT came onto the scene earlier this year and introduced Gen AI to the world, we shared in the excitement (not to brag but we have been training GPT models for a few years now….).

But our excitement was different than most.

As opposed to those looking to suddenly “add AI” to their products, or start a new company that uses AI to [insert world changing concept], we were excited to use Gen AI to enhance our AI products already in use by some of the world's leading companies in Financial Services, Telecom, Logistics, and more. That’s why today we are introducing our newest set of features we call AIx.

With the introduction of AIx we are extending our current features and adding some new ones.

Deepdesk for Voice: Based on the content of the conversation, Deepdesk provides agents with relevant information in real-time from your knowledge base to assist in answering a customer. Deepdesk also automatically creates a summary of the conversation at the end of the call that can be entered directly into your CRM.

Deepdesk for Email: One day a customer asked us if we could do the same thing for email that we do for digital chat. And now we can.

Email is still a key support channel and often takes the most work to respond too.

Deepdesk for Email works just like our chat feature: it provides agents with the complete answers and resources they need to quickly respond to any question.

Knowledge Assist: What happens when finding the right information to answer a customer's question means searching through three different knowledge bases, four FAQ’s, an internal Sharepoint site, and even asking Google? It means wasted time, frustrated agents, and unhappy customers. With Deepdesk’s Knowledge Assist, by using a simple prompt, or by automatically identifying the context of a conversation, the information from these multiple sources is instantly transformed into a concise answer that the agent can provide to the customer.

Summarizer: Nobody likes to do the work that comes after a customer interaction. Now agents don’t need to.

Our Summarizer feature automatically creates a summary of a digital or voice conversation at the push of a button, or in the case of a voice call, automatically when the call is ended. Utilizing Gen AI, an entire conversation is summarized into a format that an agent can then use to add as a “note” into the record of that customer in your CRM.

Agent Notifications: A great coach is always there at the right time to help you navigate any situation. With Agent Notifications, Deepdesk delivers real-time cues to an agent based on specific rules that have been defined by a company or agent.

Rules can be created that apply to whether a conversation is positive or negative, if there is an opportunity for an upsell, to coach an agent on how to handle a particular situation, and more.

With all these new features, we can truly say Deepdesk is the only omni-channel AI Agent Assist technology incorporating Gen AI technology that is currently in use by some of the world's leading companies, but what about tomorrow?

Having worked with various GPT models for the last 3 years, we continue to evolve our product based on the lightning fast evolution of Gen AI. And while Chat GPT is the Gen AI “model du jour,” we know that can change in an instant.

That is why we are also launching our “Bring Your Own Model” (BYOM) platform, giving our customers the ability to use any LLM model they want, whether it is our own Deepdesk LLM, GPT, Bard, an open source model, one of their own, or something that doesn’t exist yet.

With this BYOM approach we can ensure Deepdesk’s technology will work with any Gen AI model and offer our customers the flexibility to work with the model that makes the most sense for them.

We’ve put a lot of thought into adding these new features into Deepdesk as we continue to lead the way in developing AI technology to assist contact center agents.

We believe that all these advances in AI will continue to increase the quality of the conversations contact center agents have with their customers and continues to reinforce Deepdesk’s core philosophy: Think Human.

Happy agents, better conversations

Increase NPS, without the cost: Deepdesk's AI technology helps customer support agents to have more fulfilling customer conversations.