DHL Parcel: a focus on happy agents

Using Deepdesk within Salesforce, DHL increased agent happiness and efficiency by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks. Continue reading to get the whole story.

The challenge

DHL, the world’s largest logistics company, prioritizes their support agents' happiness above all else. Their challenge was to find a technology that would reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, but that was also easy for agents to use. While they are always looking for ways to increase productivity, they know that everything depends on agent happiness: happier agents lead to happier customers. 

Not only did DHL want to solve this challenge, they needed to do it quickly, and within Salesforce. DHL wanted to onboard Deepdesk in mid-November and have their agents trained and actively using Deepdesk in time for Black Friday, one of their busiest, high-volume days. This meant they needed something that would be easy to use and fully integrate into their agents' normal way of working.

The solution

Using Deepdesk’s native Salesforce integration, DHL was able to quickly roll-out Deepdesk’s AI-powered agent assist technology, enabling agents to reduce the amount of repetitive tasks immediately. Because many of the customer questions handled by DHL agents are similar, Deepdesk agent assist was able to quickly provide DHL agents with the right answer to a customer query in real-time. 

This reduced the amount of time the agent needed to type an answer or search for the right resources to provide the customer. Given the amount of customer interactions that come on busy days like Black Friday, DHL’s agents were able to handle more customers, with the agents being able to spend less time answering the same questions.

The result

DHL and Deepdesk both knew that working together closely during the initial onboarding phase would be the key to any success. For Deepdesk that meant having a very clear understanding of how DHL’s agents work, and for DHL it meant following Deepdesk’s best practices for technical implementation and introducing agents to a new technology. This close partnership made for a quick onboarding period and smooth roll-out to more than 120 agents in time for Black Friday. 

Because agents have a choice to use Deepdesk’s technology, it was fully integrated into their normal Salesforce workflow. After one day of testing with a few agents, DHL rolled Deepdesk out to all their agents at once. Additionally, DHL was able to automate over 45% of live agent conversations (where 20% is the normal baseline for success), which led to an increase in concurrent conversations per agent. But above all, when DHL agents were asked their experience using Deepdesk, 90% had a positive answer. 

DHL's results


Agent text automated


Agents say Deepdesk helps them in their conversations


Text automated by top agent

DHL agents share what they like most about Deepdesk:

"The suggestions and the full sentences and texts that you can use immediately during the conversation, without having to type it all yourself."
"The quick answers and that you already have the perfect template for 9 out of 10 situations, so that you can send the answers right away"
"You don’t have to type / copy and paste every answer yourself."
“The ease of use and the speed of sending messages”

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Happy agents, better conversations

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