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"Deepdesk has analysed over two million chats and e-mails and found logic in all questions and answers. Deepdesk now supports our employees to help our customers faster."

George de Visser

Director Customer Care, VodafoneZiggo

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"Part of our agent population would be extremely unhappy if Deepdesk was no longer available to them. Without Deepdesk, many agents would not be able to successfully handle the same number of chats that they do today."

Ahmed Ahmed
Digital Channel Quality Advisor

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"From the start I found Deepdesk to be extremely intuitive and it allowed me to reply faster. I made sure to always carefully read through the suggestions before sending them, so I was also learning while responding to customers."

Customer service agent, Knab

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"The suggestions and the full sentences and texts that you can use immediately during the conversation, without having to type it all yourself."
"The quick answers and that you already have the perfect template for 9 out of 10 situations, so that you can send the answers right away"
"You don’t have to type / copy and paste every answer yourself."
“The ease of use and the speed of sending messages”

Customer Support team, DHL

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